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We start with why – understanding you, the goals of your business and the competitive landscape. This might be workshops to align teams around a new campaign trajectory, elevating the style of your core brand, or building out a new identity across an emerging platform.
Our core offering includes but really there isn’t anything we haven’t come across or can’t do, just try us.
marketing managment


We specialize in marketing management. Have you always wanted a “hotshot” Marketing Manager but couldn’t quite afford the big salary and liked the idea of an agency but they were just too fancy for you. Well then you’ve met your match. The Brand Guardian is an external Marketing Manager for small to medium sized businesses.

Most of the time, it’s not a lack of ideas companies struggle with. It’s understanding how to best execute them in a crowded market, so that the idea creates a meaningful impact. Coming in fresh helps us to be objective, and work with you to carve a path to success. It all starts with a plan, and how together we are going to achieve it.





Possibly our favourite part of what we do is giving a voice and a personality to a project. Our branding projects have ranged from small tweaks on international logos, to complete rebrands. So whatever update you want to bring to your brand, we can help ensure it’s a meaningful change.

All the good intentions in the world can’t save a first impression, so we pride ourselves on our execution of ideas. Whilst we’ve launched a variety of complicated web projects, we specialize in developing great online experiences that enrich a brands perception.





Any good marketer knows everything there is to know about digital. The thing is digital keeps changing. The best piece of advice is that a “spray and pray approach” across all digital platforms is a waste of time and money. We have to figure out where your audience is online and meet them there. That’s our job and we are here to help.

Sponsorships spin our wheels here at The Brand Guardian. It’s the perfect marriage of all things online and offline. Roxanne has worked with some top brands like Samsung, Huawei, Guess and Converse to leverage sponsorships and bring activations to life.



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