The Brand Guardian was created to help New Zealand businesses access an affordable brand and marketing strategist, by using an independent contractor with a fresh perspective.

The world of marketing and advertising continuously evolves and for many business owners marketing becomes an overwhelming and expensive task.

With technology now playing a key part in communicating to your audience, it’s vital to take a technical, informed and strategic approach when deciding where to spend your marketing budget. A brand and marketing strategist can help. A solid marketing strategy – that colours outside the box plays an important part in the bigger picture and ultimately leads to delivering commercial results.

Success, lies in understanding the difference between taking marketing risks to stand out from the crowd—and being too risky. The former can expand your audience, awareness, and brand perception; the latter will detract from your ability to do so.

That’s where I come in. As a brand and marketing strategist, I know the difference.

For many small to medium-sized businesses they simply do not have the luxury of hiring a full-time marketing co-ordinator and as a result their marketing suffers. By using a marketing contractor, businesses will have access to a marketing professional with experience and the tools to guide the business in the right direction, without any obligations. It’s a win-win. Need reasons why?


Roxanne Pienaar - Founder

I’ve worked with big and small clients across both South Africa and New Zealand. From multinationals to the little travel company down the road, I’ve had the great privilege to work with a variety of clients across different industries - all equally as important as the next. This career experience means I can draw insights and learnings which I apply to each new client and project. I'm a big thinker and passionate about the strategy behind successful brands. But mostly I'm interested in what makes people loyal to brands and how I can potentially get your brand to that place.