Small team

big thinking

The Brand Guardian is a small boutique marketing
consultancy in Hawke’s Bay, led by Roxanne Pienaar.
We help turn ideas and businesses that people are
passionate about, into products and services that
their clients love.

We’re biased, but we’ve worked with some great
companies to create things we’re really proud of,
and we’d love to include your business in that
growing list.

We strive to

We have
fun too

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    Understand how our client’s business works and the dynamics of the markets they operate within. We use these insights to develop creative communication solutions that will help achieve our client’s business objectives and maximise market opportunities.
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    Realise the true potential of our client’s brand through the power of strong ideas, design-led thinking and consistent, precise activation.
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    Engage markets via core messages that resonate with audiences, providing true brand awareness and a return on investment.
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    Be a partner in our client’s business and as such, strive to deliver success on defined communication, marketing and sales goals.
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    Pinpoint within every project, the opportunity to add value beyond the confines of the initial brief.
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    Use innovative ideas to ensure that each dollar spent maximises the communications impact.
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    Provide exceptional customer satisfaction that extends across all stages of the creative, production, account management and delivery processes which we achieve within deadline and within budget.

“Professional, innovative, reliable, efficient
I would highly recommend Roxanne from
The Brand Guardian for any of your branding
or website needs. Roxanne brings a wealth of ideas
and experience to the table to improve your business.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for us over the last year!”
Shani Ehlers

our clients
quite like us


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